© photo: Johnny Bratseth, Romsdalsmuseet

Custom made Thermo Lignum Chamber Systems for Museums

In addition to providing our treatment services Thermo Lignum offers planning and building complete and custom made Thermo Lignum Chambers for museums, collection and storage facilities. A number of museums all across Europe have already installed such chambers.

Thermo Lignum® Static Chamber Systems can be tailor-made to fit an existing space, or made to almost any reasonable size to suit specific requirements. They can also be designed with two doors making them uniquely suitable for use as a “quarantine station” for treating museum loan exhibits for example, or where there are many objects frequently moving in and out of storage.

Since the running costs – in the form of electricity and water - of our systems are extremely low, the first consideration should be to design the chamber to accommodate the largest single item which may require treatment, now or in the future. We therefore recommend our standard 40 m³ chamber; however, the standard processor system is suitable for larger chambers as well.

For advice please contact our engineering department in Salzburg/Austria.